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shared hosting and your own Server ?

what is the Benfit from having your own server , rather than Shared Hosting , usualy the shared Hosting a lot Cheaper than u buy your Own Server and even the space and Bandwidth More with the Shared Hosting .. Chosen Answer: well you get unlimeted space, there’s no other sites using resourses and it [...]

What is the difference between a shared hosting plan and an in house?

What is the difference between a shared hosting plan and an in house? Chosen Answer: Hi, Shared hosting would be outsourced to another company that specifically sold webhosting, this would be a cheap and simple solution to web hosting. In house would mean that your company ran its own web server, this would most likely [...]

Would shared web hosting fall within the ranges of SaaS ?

Some say it doesn’t, some say It does. What is your professional opinion ? Would a service such as shared webhosting provided by companies like Godaddy fall within the classification of SaaS? I say it does, as customers or companies are requiring support for web based services. Your opinion ? Chosen Answer: Yes, by definition [...]

How to choose the best free web hosting?

Hi, i’m still hesitating between a cheap shared hosting or a free hosting. What is the best free hosting nowadays ? What i need is PHP 5, MySQL, active support, 99.9 % uptime, fantastico. But if it has Cpanel Pro it would be great !! Chosen Answer: Hey, I want to share my own experience, [...]

what is the best shared hosting on the web?

Chosen Answer: LAMP, I’d say Dreamhost, based on features and cost. Windows, I’d say GoDaddy, based on cost primarily and features secondarily; for maximum ASP.NET performance, DiscountASP.NET. by: Doug V on: 25th May 09