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What is Shared Web Hosting exactly?

I’m going to get a hosting with high bandwidth and I see many shared web hostings with high (500 GB) bandwidth but I”ve no idea what exactly they are and if they are reliable. Please help me choose a right hosting. I’ve been looking for a web hosting and found these two interesting: and [...]

What is the best picture hosting site?

I have used for many years and they have decided to close. They have suggested using but you have to buy more space from them to keep or share your photos. Can anyone suggest a good photo hosting/sharing site? Chosen Answer: Fotki is a good one if you want to share you can [...]

who is the best cheap shared hosting provider?

I am new in the web developing world. i am learning web design. I want to know which web hosting provider provides cheap and affordable shared hosting? I want good hosting but at cheap price. and also they must have to accept alertpay. Chosen Answer: Yes this is the common question to newbies. I will [...]