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The best, least expensive web hosting deal on the net?

Can someone please provide me with a link to the best, least expensive web hosting deal on the net. It can either be shared hosting or dedicated hosting or free hosting or whatever. I’m just looking for the very best deals. Chosen Answer: In my opinion, DreamHost ( is the best hosting provider. Your allocated [...]

What is the best picture hosting site?

I have used for many years and they have decided to close. They have suggested using but you have to buy more space from them to keep or share your photos. Can anyone suggest a good photo hosting/sharing site? Chosen Answer: Fotki is a good one if you want to share you can [...]

shared hosting and your own Server ?

what is the Benfit from having your own server , rather than Shared Hosting , usualy the shared Hosting a lot Cheaper than u buy your Own Server and even the space and Bandwidth More with the Shared Hosting .. Chosen Answer: well you get unlimeted space, there’s no other sites using resourses and it [...]

Do Virtual Private Servers offer better uptime than shared hosting?

I’m running some websites with shared hosting providers for /month. I’ve been experiencing some down times. The tech support tell me there’s nothing wrong with my site. The server experienced heavy loads from other accounts sharing the same space. If I purchased VPS, would I experience the same problem? Chosen Answer: It depends. Keep in [...]

Can web hosts offering shared hosting access your information stored on the rented serverspace and how avoid?

If you rent server space on a remote server using a web hosting company, can they access your data either stored on the server in files or in a database by resetting the passwords to one that they will know by using an md5 generator? How do I avoid this and is there any way [...]

How do I make a shared hosting service on a Windows machine?

Right now I have an old IBM computer sitting around with Windows XP Home, 512mb of RAM, 40gb hard drive space, and a Pentium 4 2.4ghz processor. And I was wondering how I would make a small shared hosting service for about 10 friends and myself for free? I have searched all over the internet [...]