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What is shared web hosting? Where I can find good shared web hosting?

is shared web hosting safe? Chosen Answer: Shared hosting is when a web host puts multiple sites on the same server, to save money. For most people, shared web hosting will be fine. Since you’re sharing a server, there’s a possible risk that someone could slow down a server with an unexpected spike in traffic, [...]

What is the best picture hosting site?

I have used for many years and they have decided to close. They have suggested using but you have to buy more space from them to keep or share your photos. Can anyone suggest a good photo hosting/sharing site? Chosen Answer: Fotki is a good one if you want to share you can [...]

Hosting Services for Video Sharing Website?

I am planning to host Video Sharing website – Can anyone suggest me cheap hosting service? Any idea what would be my monthly expense? Also, Can I host website & Video’s at two different providers? and what questions should I be asking to providers? Thank you Jagdish Chosen Answer: Hosting is going to be the [...]

Cheap yearly hosting for file sharing?

I have made a file sharing website however I paid for hosting which i then found doesn’t support file sharing websites Does anyone know of some cheap annual hosting (like £20 a year or something?) Thanks mtv, what host are you using? Chosen Answer: Check out Huge Sale today only! by: on: 1st December [...]

Do Virtual Private Servers offer better uptime than shared hosting?

I’m running some websites with shared hosting providers for /month. I’ve been experiencing some down times. The tech support tell me there’s nothing wrong with my site. The server experienced heavy loads from other accounts sharing the same space. If I purchased VPS, would I experience the same problem? Chosen Answer: It depends. Keep in [...]

Tell me some thing about shared web hosting service?

Hi friends what is the use of sharing the web hosting service and also tell me the procedure to get this share web hosting service…. Chosen Answer: Shared web hosting is the which creates separate partition on the server and allow to interact with multiple user at a time…Shared hosting typically uses a web-based control [...]