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What is Shared Web Hosting exactly?

I’m going to get a hosting with high bandwidth and I see many shared web hostings with high (500 GB) bandwidth but I”ve no idea what exactly they are and if they are reliable. Please help me choose a right hosting. I’ve been looking for a web hosting and found these two interesting: and [...]

What is the best web hosting service?

Hello, I want to build a website. I know how, but I don’t know which host to choose… Please share your advice with me, which is the best web hosting service… (-) Thank you, Chosen Answer: I’d like to recommend Lunarpages has three datacenters and an optimized call center, which provide you highly reliable [...]

Will moving to a dedicated virtual host from a shared hosting improve my site performance?

my site performance is a bit sluggish currently on a shared hosting (Media temple). I’m wondering if dedicated-virtual will be faster. Chosen Answer: Yes but only if your web hosting service provider does not cheat you. by: Lina S on: 7th May 08

Hosting Services for Video Sharing Website?

I am planning to host Video Sharing website – Can anyone suggest me cheap hosting service? Any idea what would be my monthly expense? Also, Can I host website & Video’s at two different providers? and what questions should I be asking to providers? Thank you Jagdish Chosen Answer: Hosting is going to be the [...]

Would shared web hosting fall within the ranges of SaaS ?

Some say it doesn’t, some say It does. What is your professional opinion ? Would a service such as shared webhosting provided by companies like Godaddy fall within the classification of SaaS? I say it does, as customers or companies are requiring support for web based services. Your opinion ? Chosen Answer: Yes, by definition [...]

How do I make a shared hosting service on a Windows machine?

Right now I have an old IBM computer sitting around with Windows XP Home, 512mb of RAM, 40gb hard drive space, and a Pentium 4 2.4ghz processor. And I was wondering how I would make a small shared hosting service for about 10 friends and myself for free? I have searched all over the internet [...]

Tell me some thing about shared web hosting service?

Hi friends what is the use of sharing the web hosting service and also tell me the procedure to get this share web hosting serviceā€¦. Chosen Answer: Shared web hosting is the which creates separate partition on the server and allow to interact with multiple user at a time…Shared hosting typically uses a web-based control [...]

Will my site be okay on shared web hosting, or should I go for dedicated hosting?

I’m going to be starting a speculative fiction web magazine, but I’m unsure whether to use a shared hosting service or a dedicated host. Chosen Answer: Dedicated hosting will cost you for a month what shared hosting would cost for an year. Well, of course that is not the way to decide which one to [...]