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My website is cpu intensive. Can I host it in shared hosting ?

I run the web page to query a large 300 mb database and make reports for about 30 min a day. Can I use shared hosting ? Chosen Answer: My personal recommendation would be Shared hosting. Off course not all shared hosting services are 100% reliable, but a careful research can actually get your job [...]

What is Shared Web Hosting exactly?

I’m going to get a hosting with high bandwidth and I see many shared web hostings with high (500 GB) bandwidth but I”ve no idea what exactly they are and if they are reliable. Please help me choose a right hosting. I’ve been looking for a web hosting and found these two interesting: and [...]

What is the best web hosting service?

Hello, I want to build a website. I know how, but I don’t know which host to choose… Please share your advice with me, which is the best web hosting service… (-) Thank you, Chosen Answer: I’d like to recommend Lunarpages has three datacenters and an optimized call center, which provide you highly reliable [...]

Reliable, cheape dedicated hosting with apache,php,mysql & linux, with fast ftp access?:?

My requirement: I need dedicated webhosting to put my business online, which is the best one for me? So which is the best,reliable & cheapest dedicated hosting with apache,php,mysql & linux, with fast ftp access transfer, and good security. Any recommendations. Note i have been put off by godaddy by there shared hosting not being [...]

Any European shared managed web hosting to suggest?

I need to start small, yet I need reliability. Please do not reply advertising your products, thank you! Chosen Answer: Heart internet provides hosting they are located in Nottingham UK, reliable and good phone support. A little pricey though. I actually use godaddy now as although they are American based they do have a [...]

is 10% cpu good for shared web hosting?

the web host is i had godaddy but could not get moodle to work correctly but my question is 10% cpu good for shared web hosting Chosen Answer: i found this website very usefull it has compared top 10 web hosting companies in a chart and will show the most reliable and affordable [...]