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Please give me some tips to choose right web hosting. vps or shared?

Note: Please do not post your hosting referral links here..Because i choosed the host Friends, I’m going to host a website. Planned to make it a social website. Now the hosting i choosed provides unlimited shared hosting for per year and Virtual private server(VPS) hosting for per month. Shared plan comes with unlimited features(Everything). But [...]

Best Type of Hosting for Website: Amazon Cloud, or Dedicated Server?

I currently have a shared hosting plan, and I know I will eventually outgrow it. What is the best option? A dedicated server, or Amazons EC2 cloud hosting? I want something relatively inexpensive, yet scalable enough so that my sites won’t get slow on days when they are busy. I mostly run content-only sites, so [...]

Are common web hosting services like Godaddy the same as shared web hosting services?

Hi, I want to know if Godaddy, HostGator,… are considered as shared servers or there are differences between mentioned services and a shared web server. Thank you Chosen Answer: I can only answer for GoDaddy as I’m a client. Yes. It’s shared hosting unless you purchased a dedicated hosting plan which is $$$ by: jmf931 [...]

What is the difference between a shared hosting plan and an in house?

What is the difference between a shared hosting plan and an in house? Chosen Answer: Hi, Shared hosting would be outsourced to another company that specifically sold webhosting, this would be a cheap and simple solution to web hosting. In house would mean that your company ran its own web server, this would most likely [...]