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Will moving to a dedicated virtual host from a shared hosting improve my site performance?

my site performance is a bit sluggish currently on a shared hosting (Media temple). I’m wondering if dedicated-virtual will be faster. Chosen Answer: Yes but only if your web hosting service provider does not cheat you. by: Lina S on: 7th May 08

Better performance: Blogger or cheap shared hosting?

Thinking about starting a blog. WordPress and Blogger both have adequate features for me. My main concern is will my visitors see a performance boost by going with shared hosting or will it be the same or worse? Chosen Answer: I use blogger with a custom domain name and I think it works perfect. I [...]

what is the best shared hosting on the web?

Chosen Answer: LAMP, I’d say Dreamhost, based on features and cost. Windows, I’d say GoDaddy, based on cost primarily and features secondarily; for maximum ASP.NET performance, DiscountASP.NET. by: Doug V on: 25th May 09