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My website is cpu intensive. Can I host it in shared hosting ?

I run the web page to query a large 300 mb database and make reports for about 30 min a day. Can I use shared hosting ? Chosen Answer: My personal recommendation would be Shared hosting. Off course not all shared hosting services are 100% reliable, but a careful research can actually get your job [...]

Reliable, cheape dedicated hosting with apache,php,mysql & linux, with fast ftp access?:?

My requirement: I need dedicated webhosting to put my business online, which is the best one for me? So which is the best,reliable & cheapest dedicated hosting with apache,php,mysql & linux, with fast ftp access transfer, and good security. Any recommendations. Note i have been put off by godaddy by there shared hosting not being [...]

JOOMLA & MYSQL whats the best shared host for these? i need good CPU and RAM not so much storage and bandwith?

dont send me oversellers please, these things dont require all the gygabytes of promised storage but they will run high in CPU usage, whats the best shared host for this i do not want oversellers who cancel u because of this “glitch” about promised bandwith and storage but dont say anything about ram or CPU [...]

Any European shared managed web hosting to suggest?

I need to start small, yet I need reliability. Please do not reply advertising your products, thank you! Chosen Answer: Heart internet provides hosting they are located in Nottingham UK, reliable and good phone support. A little pricey though. I actually use godaddy now as although they are American based they do have a [...]

How to choose the best free web hosting?

Hi, i’m still hesitating between a cheap shared hosting or a free hosting. What is the best free hosting nowadays ? What i need is PHP 5, MySQL, active support, 99.9 % uptime, fantastico. But if it has Cpanel Pro it would be great !! Chosen Answer: Hey, I want to share my own experience, [...]