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Linux Shared Hosting or Windows Shared Hosting for WordPress?

I am going to host a WordPress website from Hostgator kindly suggest me which hosting is better for a WordPress site? Windows Shared Hosting or Linux Shared Hosting? Chosen Answer: by: on: 1st January 70

What is Shared Web Hosting exactly?

I’m going to get a hosting with high bandwidth and I see many shared web hostings with high (500 GB) bandwidth but I”ve no idea what exactly they are and if they are reliable. Please help me choose a right hosting. I’ve been looking for a web hosting and found these two interesting: and [...]

Please give me some tips to choose right web hosting. vps or shared?

Note: Please do not post your hosting referral links here..Because i choosed the host Friends, I’m going to host a website. Planned to make it a social website. Now the hosting i choosed provides unlimited shared hosting for per year and Virtual private server(VPS) hosting for per month. Shared plan comes with unlimited features(Everything). But [...]

Hosting Services for Video Sharing Website?

I am planning to host Video Sharing website – Can anyone suggest me cheap hosting service? Any idea what would be my monthly expense? Also, Can I host website & Video’s at two different providers? and what questions should I be asking to providers? Thank you Jagdish Chosen Answer: Hosting is going to be the [...]

Better performance: Blogger or cheap shared hosting?

Thinking about starting a blog. WordPress and Blogger both have adequate features for me. My main concern is will my visitors see a performance boost by going with shared hosting or will it be the same or worse? Chosen Answer: I use blogger with a custom domain name and I think it works perfect. I [...]

Will my site be okay on shared web hosting, or should I go for dedicated hosting?

I’m going to be starting a speculative fiction web magazine, but I’m unsure whether to use a shared hosting service or a dedicated host. Chosen Answer: Dedicated hosting will cost you for a month what shared hosting would cost for an year. Well, of course that is not the way to decide which one to [...]