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Hosting Services for Video Sharing Website?

I am planning to host Video Sharing website – Can anyone suggest me cheap hosting service? Any idea what would be my monthly expense? Also, Can I host website & Video’s at two different providers? and what questions should I be asking to providers? Thank you Jagdish Chosen Answer: Hosting is going to be the [...]

Cheap yearly hosting for file sharing?

I have made a file sharing website however I paid for hosting which i then found doesn’t support file sharing websites Does anyone know of some cheap annual hosting (like £20 a year or something?) Thanks mtv, what host are you using? Chosen Answer: Check out Huge Sale today only! by: on: 1st December [...]

shared hosting with larger than 8mb file upload limit?

Hello, Can someone please recommend a cheap hosting that i could upload files up to 20mb using my php upload script (not ftp). Now i use godaddy, but it limits upload file size to 8mb, so my script gets stuck. Thanks in advance Chosen Answer: by: on: 1st January 70

What is the difference between a shared hosting plan and an in house?

What is the difference between a shared hosting plan and an in house? Chosen Answer: Hi, Shared hosting would be outsourced to another company that specifically sold webhosting, this would be a cheap and simple solution to web hosting. In house would mean that your company ran its own web server, this would most likely [...]

Better performance: Blogger or cheap shared hosting?

Thinking about starting a blog. WordPress and Blogger both have adequate features for me. My main concern is will my visitors see a performance boost by going with shared hosting or will it be the same or worse? Chosen Answer: I use blogger with a custom domain name and I think it works perfect. I [...]

who is the best cheap shared hosting provider?

I am new in the web developing world. i am learning web design. I want to know which web hosting provider provides cheap and affordable shared hosting? I want good hosting but at cheap price. and also they must have to accept alertpay. Chosen Answer: Yes this is the common question to newbies. I will [...]

How to choose the best free web hosting?

Hi, i’m still hesitating between a cheap shared hosting or a free hosting. What is the best free hosting nowadays ? What i need is PHP 5, MySQL, active support, 99.9 % uptime, fantastico. But if it has Cpanel Pro it would be great !! Chosen Answer: Hey, I want to share my own experience, [...]

where to find shared web hosting?

I just want to setup a personal blog, how can i find the shared web hosting. It should be cheap, can it be free? Thank you. Chosen Answer: I will recommend you a free web hosting. Follow me, please. Please go to to get a 12 months Free web hosting. Yes, it is Free. [...]