Best Shared Hosting Providers

#1 WebHostingHub $4.95 Visit WebHostingHub
#2 HostGator $3.96 Visit HostGator
#3 inmotion $5.95 Visit InMotion
#4 MyHosting $3.95 Visit MyHosting
#5 GreenGeeks $4.95 Visit GreenGeeks

If you cannot afford hosting but it is a requirement for you, you can always go for the shared hosting plan. It can easily fall within your budget and therefore can offer you a lot of benefits. If you have a small business or a personal website, this kind of hosting can be extremely advantageous for you.

Affordable hosting plan

The major benefit shared hosting is that it is one of the most affordable kinds of hosting plans. The primary server is being shared by a lot of people or companies and therefore this sharing makes it affordable for all. The price offered by the shared plans are least and therefore very reasonable for the small-scale companies.

No hassle about server administration

The server administrator looks after the server maintenance and therefore he looks after the software updates, security and daily back-ups. Whether the server is working properly or not at optimal parameters, is the task of the administrator and therefore you are saved of the hassle of server administration.

Limited domains on one account

The shared web hosting plans are not oversold at all. Unlike other kinds of hosting plans that sell too many websites, eventually leading to slower server performance, this hosting will usually offer limited domains on one account which ensures that the server is working faster and with efficiency.

Several extra features

The shared web hosting offers you additional complimentary features as well. These include guest books, blogs, mailing lists and shopping carts. These features can be very beneficial for you and can help your website in various ways.
This kind of hosting can be very helpful and affordable for you and can make things simpler for you. Apart from all these benefits, you also get additional benefits like multiple packages and free trial period.